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Be smart about who you do your scaffolding training with. Our trainers are from the scaffolding industry, they have been employers, workers and now the trainers.

Our courses will prepare you for life in the workforce, our highly skilled and friendly trainers will conduct the scaffolding training in a way that makes you feel comfortable, confident and ready to get a job in the scaffolding industry.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support workers and materials while constructing, repairing or maintaining buildings. Scaffolds are commonly used on construction sites to keep workers safe when work cannot be done at ground level. There are many different types of scaffolds including prefabricated scaffolding, hung scaffold, suspended scaffold and coupler scaffolds.

Our trainers have a wealth of knowledge that comes from years of experience in the industry. Our highly skilled and experienced trainers will deliver exceptional, high-quality training, providing you with the skills and confidence necessary to construct scaffolding in a safe and compliant manner across many different working environments.

We deliver three levels of scaffolding courses, basic, intermediate and advanced. Completing these courses will allow you to build on your experience and develop more complex skills within the scaffolding industry;

Basic Scaffolding introduces the responsibilities of a basic scaffolder which enables you to plan a job, choose and inspect the appropriate plant and equipment, and erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding and equipment at a basic level using modular or pre-fabricated scaffolds, cantilevered materials hoist, ropes, safety nets and bracket scaffolds.

This course is suitable for all applicants, no previous experience in scaffolding operations are required.

Intermediate Scaffolding will cover and build on your recent basic scaffolding knowledge and skills. You will be trained in erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolding at an intermediate level using cantilevered crane-loading platforms, barrow ramps and sloping platforms, perimeter safety screens and shutters mast climbers, and tube and coupler scaffolds.

A current class SB High Risk Work licence is required as a pre-requisite for this course.

Advanced Scaffolding builds on your intermediate scaffolding skills and includes the erecting, altering and dismantling of hung scaffolds and suspension scaffolds.

A current class SB and SI High-Risk Work Licence is required as a pre-requisite for this course.

Obtaining a scaffolding license from Advanced Training and Construction will give you the complex skills that will enable you to safely construct working platforms at various sites within the construction industry.

Training is delivered at our onsite training facility in Brisbane. We also offer training at external worksites provided all necessary equipment is available. In such cases, we would conduct an inspection of the equipment that will be used to ensure the safety and conditions of the equipment is ideal for on-site training and meets the WHSQ requirements for assessment.


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