Crane Courses

Advanced Training and Construction offers a range of slewing crane courses at their onsite training facility in Brisbane with easy access to the airport. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers have developed a detailed training plan for each specific course, providing students with the confidence to safely operate a slewing crane across many worksites within Australia.

A Slewing mobile crane consists of a boom that can be rotated in order to move heavy loads and can be equipped with different lifting gear such as ropes, chains, and sheaves. A slewing crane’s primary use is to raise and lower materials and move them in a horizontal plane. It does not include front end loader, excavator, backhoe or alternative earth moving machinery when configured for the operation of a crane.

In the workplace, everyone has a work health and safety duty when it comes to operating cranes. This can include the crane manufacturer, the crane owner, the crane operator and the individual who will inspect the crane. It is essential to manage risks when operating a crane by identifying the potential hazards, assessing the associated risks and finally applying the necessary control measures to prevent such hazards from reoccurring.

When choosing a crane for the job to be carried out, it is important to know the type of crane required. You will need to consider the size of the load to be transported, the conditions where the crane will be used and safety features of the crane to name a few.

We offer three different crane courses ranging from a 20-tonne crane to a crane with a capacity of over 100 tonnes.

Our C2 Crane course will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a slewing mobile crane up to 20 tonnes. It is a great stepping stone to further your skills and training where you can potentially operate a crane with a capacity of up to 60 tonnes.

Our C6 Crane course will provide you with the skills and practical training necessary to conduct operations of a slewing mobile crane with a capacity of up to 60 tonnes.

Our C0 Crane course will give you the skills and practical experience to operate a slewing crane of over 100 tonnes. This type of heavy-duty crane is commonly used in steel mills and large fabrication facilities due to its large lifting capacity.

We have designed a detailed training plan specific to all three crane courses. Our highly skilled and flexible trainers will ensure you have the hands-on, practical experience to conduct crane operations ranging from a 20-tonne crane to a crane with a capacity of over 100 tonnes in a variety of different working environments.

There are numerous employment opportunities available whether you undertake the 20-tonne crane course or the crane course with a capacity of over 100 tonnes within many industries including construction, mining and more.

Our crane courses operate on a regular basis through Registered Training Organisation, Ascent Training Solutions (32108). If you would like to book in, please contact our bookings team by clicking here or alternatively call 07 5658 0040.


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