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EWPA – Yellow Card

  • EWPA - Yellow Card Training Brisbane | EWPA - Yellow Card Course QLD

    What’s included in our Yellow Card Courses Brisbane??

    • Formal / Theory training
    • Training Plan
    • Activity Book
    • Practical Training
      • Hazard identification and prevention
      • Pre-operational checks / post-start checks
      • Safe operation of an EWP
      • Scissor Lift operations
      • Boom Lift operations
      • Post use checks and shutdown of the elevated work platform
    • Written and Practical Assessment

    • Evidence of identity (Photo).
      • Australian drivers license.
      • Medicare Card or Passport
    • Adequate English language numeracy and literacy skills. If not, please contact us. We can help.
    • Steel cap boots, high visibility shirt, hard hat, safety glasses.
      • We recommend long sleeve shirts and long trousers and UV sunscreen. Steel cap runners are not acceptable. Safety sunglasses may be acceptable.
    • Reasonable health fit for this work.
      • You must advise us of any health issues that may place you or others at risk. This will not preclude your enrolment but, will allow us to determine appropriate adjustments to your training and physical activities.

  • Bookings for your Yellow Card Course can be made either over the phone or by email.

    Some of the information we will require are:

    • Your legal name as shown on your driver’s license (First and last name).
    • Date of Birth
    • Contact details
    • USI Number – As of the 1st of January 2015 all trainees must supply or obtain a USI (Unique Student Identifier). This is mandatory. If you do not yet have one, please click on this link or search online for “USI Student Identifier”

  • A Yellow Card is a competency that will allow students to operate elevated work platforms (EWP’s)including a vertical lift, scissor lift, trailer/truck mounted boom lift or Boom lifts under 11m.

    An elevated work platform (EWP) can be a telescopic, hinged or an articulated mechanical device used to support a platform where workers, materials, and equipment may be raised. Elevated work platforms are mainly used on construction sites for temporary access to areas that are hard to reach.

    There are two main types of elevated work platforms, a boom type where the platform is supported by a hinged member that can be telescoped or slewed and a scissor type where the platform can only be moved in a vertical direction.

    Ascent Training Solutions will provide the necessary training to enable students to safely perform duties associated with operating such elevated work platforms.

    The minimum age to operate an EWP under 11 meters is 14 years and 9 months where the applicant will be issued with a “Restricted Yellow Card”. This will allow you to operate under the direct supervision of an unrestricted Yellow Cardholder within the same EWP class.

    All aspects of this course will be taught at our training facility in Brisbane through written and practical teachings. The course material will include;

    • How to identify potential hazards such as underground cables, pedestrians, and unstable ground, and the appropriate measures used to control them.
    • Conduct routine pre-start, operational and shut down checks.
    • Logbook record keeping.
    • Operate EWP’s under 11 meters according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Use of various devices in emergency situations such as a battery back-up pump, bleed valves, a hand operated the pump and hydraulic accumulators.
    • Understand Load Charts.
    • Ground conditions and soil types
    • Perform duties safely at heights including the use of appropriate tools.
    • Personal Protective Equipment including the various types of harnesses available.
    • Manoeuvre EWP’s in constricted areas and the ability to park safely.

    On successful completion of this course, students will have the ability to carry out the following tasks;

    • Plan operations using EWP’s under 11 meters
    • Conduct operational checks according to site procedures on boom-type elevated work platforms
    • Identify risks and hazards and apply safe work practices.
    • Set up, operate and shutdown EWP’s in a safe and secure manner.
    • Secure all aspects of the EWP.
    • Attach a fall arrest harness to prevent falls from the platform.
    • Establish emergency procedures in the event of a fall.
    • Record pre-operational checks and faults in the EWP’s logbook.
    • Comply with Australian standards, codes of practice and site instructions

    In completion of the EWP Yellow Card training, the successful applicant will acquire the necessary skills to safely operate an Elevated Work Platform under 11 meters. Once training is complete, the Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA) will issue you with a Yellow Card certification.

    Our highly skilled trainers and assessors will provide you with the confidence necessary to gain future employment in many industries including construction, manufacturing and beyond.


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*Delivery of training/assessment and issuing of Statement of Attainment’s is provided by Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Ascent Training Solutions Pty Ltd, RTO ID: 32108